Print-geek, jiu jitsu-nerd, and Founder/Co-Principal of The Brooklyn Press are just a few of the ways to describe Shane Taylor, who brings to the table over a decade of experience in the screen printing business. Having grown up with a passion for drawing and visual arts, Shane became interested in screen printing in his early 20s, realizing the process was a way to bring his art to life on shirts and posters for his friends and family.

His interest in printing soon became an obsession.  With a history of "child entrepreneurship", it became clear to him that a custom printing shop was the way to bring both of his passions to life. With a bit of luck and his eyes wide open for opportunity, Shane started his first screen printing business at age 21 in his mom’s garage. He used equipment that he had bartered in exchange for helping to clean out the house of another screen printer who had recently passed away. Shane worked for four years making that business into a success before founding the Brooklyn Press -- turning it into the innovative, client-centric, and creative company it is today.  When he’s not at the shop, Shane is probably at the dojo, geeking out on comics, or out exploring obscure Brooklyn neighborhoods, sights, and sounds. He has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and one day hopes to learn how to surf.

Scott Mason, The Brooklyn Press’ Co-Principal, is living his dream as a creative entrepreneur every time he walks in the door of the shop.   As a Columbia Law School graduate and senior executive with nearly 25 years of operations, administration, and legal affairs experience, Scott exists to ensure that every client’s experience with The Brooklyn Press is as positive and engaging as humanly possible.

After spending years providing strategic, operational, and legal/compliance support to small businesses, sparks immediately flew when Scott and Shane connected to begin building The Brooklyn Press into something great.  Scott has an avid interest in traveling and physical fitness.  He has sat on the boards of various organizations that promote inclusion, equality, and unity, especially those impacting the LGBTQ community, and has earned awards for his work, including a 9/11 Hero Award for service after the terrorist attacks.  He is currently an active member in both the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, where he sits on the Ambassador Committee, and the NYC branch of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, where he sits on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. He is also the President of the Roosevelt Island Chapter of Toastmasters International.

A Florida native currently living in Queens, Production Manager Eric Lopez has had a long time interest in apparel fashion, and, in fact, obtained his B.A. in Retail Merchandising and Product Development from Florida State University in 2015.  He was working as a barback at a high-end cocktail bar and restaurant in the West Village and as a sales associate at Urban Outfitters when he heard about a position at The Brooklyn Press and decided to apply. Eric’s passion for clothing, his customer-centric work history, and his entrepreneurial spirit were an immediate match with The Brooklyn Press’ own passion for creativity, relationships, and innovation.  His love for our clients and what we do are integral to our ethos here at The Brooklyn Press – and Eric brings that into his job every day.

When not making beautiful prints at The Brooklyn Press,  Eric likes to spend his time thrifting for interesting and rare vintage garments, jewelry and housewares. He also enjoys breaking out his  paint, brushes, and various other mediums, and creating a wide variety of visual compositions.

Interested in meeting us?  Reach out to us here or call us at (718) 513-0401!